Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time is moving too quickly!

 I am surprised that I haven’t had someone get after me about the fact I haven’t written a blog!! Life has been so busy… Beginning of June, Jason came home. What an amazing, long, and nerve wracking day it was!! I was planning on having one of Jason’s buddies hold Richard while I got the hug first, but when it came down to it I thought it was better if he held the sign that I made above our heads, and made Jason hug both of us. We were a little worried about how Richard would respond to Jason, but I don’t think I could have asked for a better welcome. Once Richard heard Jason’s voice his little face lit up, and he smiled as if he were saying “Hey I know you!” I managed to get a really sweet woman/photographer to take our homecoming pictures and I am so happy I did.
Then two weeks later Richard and I flew back to the states by ourselves to be home for my best friend’s wedding. I’ve been friends with Maggie Bloomgren since 9th grade, and she’s been like a sister and someone that I could be myself with. There was no way I could in good conscience miss what would be the biggest day of her life. Especially when her wedding day just happened to be on mine and Jay’s 5th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately because of a few of Jason’s higher ups he was unable to join us, and followed on his own the Monday after the wedding.
 Which we then spent the next two weeks all together as a family, with our families. Every day we were doing something different, seeing people and going places. We were glad that we were going to have some time back on Okinawa before he had to go back to work because we were both very tired. We went to the Erie Zoo with my sister, her husband and boys. As well as my father in law, because he just wanted to spend more time with Jason and his grandson. And on July 1st we celebrated Richard’s turning one a month early, because I felt it was something important for our family to share with us.

While we were home we were blessed to watch a friendship blossom between Richard and his cousin Coltin. When “together” they couldn’t be more than 5 feet apart otherwise they’d start yelling. They shared their food, sippy cups and toys. I believe it made us all happy that they became such good little buddies. And it was such a precious site to see.

Needless to say we came home to Okinawa July 10th. We managed to get our internal clocks reset, and then some just “us” family time. Thanks to Coltin one week after we got home Richard became fully mobile. Meaning no more crawling!!! And into EVERYTHING!!! I swear this child is as curious as the day is long, and I’m constantly jumping to get him out of trouble or to sooth away any bumps that happened because he was walking around like what we call “A drunken sailor”.
On July 28th I had my very first consultant party, Tupperware!! I decided I really needed to get some cereal storage containers, and I knew the best I could find would be Tupperware. Plus I was curious what they had on sale at the time, and I think I managed to get some pretty nice stuff J Then the following week on August 4th my Okinawa friends and family helped us to celebrate Richard’s actual birthday.

I can honestly say that this past year has had its rough spots. I remember moments when Richard would start crying and because of how I was feeling depressed, lonely, tired and any negative feeling you could imagine, I sat with him holding him crying too. I can honestly admit I would have preferred to be back in the states with the family, but because there are no Doctors in the area that are approved by Tricare (the insurance) I knew I had to stay on Okinawa for Richard’s appointments.  In the end I have to say I have never been so happy as I am now. This little boy has brought so much joy to our lives, that I am so deeply grateful to God for our precious gift.

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