Thursday, April 26, 2012

Now that my hormones have calmed down..

So my mom got after me about my last post. And I believe that I do need to clarify one thing, at the time I wrote the blog my post partum depression, and just depression over all was hitting me. No it does not excuse the non-acknowledgement of the good time that Richard and I had while we were at home. It does however explain that the "ruff" and "bad" things were on my mind and bothering me. Its nice to not have the black cloud of depression hanging over my head. I've been enjoying Richard more and I've put more effort into my loosing the baby weight. And now I'm getting anxious about Jason coming home, and I think that has lifted my spirits a lot. But in the end we did have a good time while home, visiting with family and friends.

Now for whats been going on lately. Right now Richard is sick. He caught a upper respiratory virus and I've had to keep him home with me all this week so that he didn't get any other babies at the CDC sick too. He's trying to work very hard on this walking thing.He is constantly pulling himself up on things and trying to get into things. I've concluded that we have a lot of stuff that we don't need. I keep trying to down-size on the amount of stuff we have, but the piles only seem to get slightly smaller rather than significantly.

The last couple of weeks I did take Richard out and around American Village to find a Birthday Present for Xander. At one place I had a bunch of the store clerks gather around and oo and ahh over how cute Richard is. I've even had baggers at the base grocery store play with him to see if they couldn't make him smile while I was checking out. The thing that made me chuckle recently was I was sitting at the pharmacy in the hospital waiting for our number to be called and I had a Marine Staff Sgt sit down next to me and randomly start playing with Richard and getting him to smile and make noises at him. It was like "you want to play with my child, sure thing!"

Next Monday we have Richard's 9 month baby well check up. I'm excited to see how much he's grown. He's gotten so big since Jason left, but I'm glad that through the pictures that I send and post on Facebook, Jason has been able to see him grow :)

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