Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Over due update.

I apologize for the over due update. In December Richard and I made the long exhausting trip from Okinawa to Buffalo NY to spend Christmas and New Years with family rather than being alone on the island. It took two weeks for Richard to become acclimated to the time change. And about the time we left he had decided that he was done breast feeding and needed to start having formula instead. I blame it on my stopping pumping and then the stress of dealing with some of the drama that I had to endure with when I went home. The whole experience proved the old saying "You can't go home again." I'd prefer not to go into detail about the drama, so please don't ask. The ones that it involved know about it and that's all that really matters. Lets just say I was relieved to get back to my own home and among my own stuff.
Since then Richard and I have been just doing our daily errands. I helped decorate cupcakes for a friends baby shower that she had right before she gave birth to her second baby girl. But other than that we haven't been doing much. I was able to get Richard signed in to the CDC: Child Development Center. And normally he goes twice a week for about four hours each time so that I can have some "mommy time". Unfortunately his little internal schedule got messed up so this week he is home with me while I try and correct this situation. He's doing great so far, poor thing gets bored to tears (literally) sometimes but we get through it.
I had to take him to the Dr, last week because I was afraid that he had a sinus infection. Turns out he just had a cold. However at seven and a half months Richard measured to be 28 inches and a whopping 21 pounds! He's such a heavy little chunkier. And he's started crawling now. He does a combination of the military crawl and up on his knees. He even gets into the position where it looks like he's doing planks or about to do a push up and he tries to crawl that way.
But in all honesty nothing is going on. We are still waiting to hear from housing on when we will be moved to the new building. They are scheduled to finish it at the end of April now.  So in about a month and a half we should be moved into our new apartment. Until then we just hang out in our house, with me trying to clean things because the mess gets on my nerves. This Saturday Richard and I are participating in the March of Dimes walk. But other than that its a pretty lonely existence that we have. Well Richard is screaming about something so I need to go. I'll update when something actually happens. Just know that no news is good news for the moment.

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