Sunday, September 9, 2012

Orders: Check, Port call: Check, Tickets: Check-Check-Check….31 days and counting

Our time in Okinawa is coming to an end!! Sad yes, the feelings are bittersweet. Knowing that we’ll have to say “so long” to some great friends is sad, but a necessary evil in the life of the Military family. Now we are trying to experience as much of the island and the Okinawan culture that we can. Unfortunately there are things we missed, like Whale watching, Dragon Boat races, Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Lily festival to name a few. A lot of it is because I was too scared to go off base with Richard by myself when he was still little. But what’s done is done there is no going back.
Now that we’re getting things taken care of we’ve tried going out a bit more, and I’ve noticed the one thing that I’ve always been nervous about; Japanese people rushing to see Richard. And it usually happens when it’s just Jason with Richard. The minute that I walk out of the store that I was in within a minute of me being there the girls leave. I said something to Jason about it and he said it was a territory thing, they didn’t want to “invade” what was mine. The constant feeling of being watched is unnerving and when I’m out and about with Richard I really feel it. I’m kind of glad Richard isn’t a good walker yet because I’m able to keep him in the stroller rather than him getting away from me in a crowd. And as a preemptive strike for the inevitable I’ve already purchased a “leash” for him. Luckily we’ll be back in the states, but I don’t ever want to be worried about someone snatching up my baby and running off with him. There are too many sicko’s out there and if my having my child on a “leash” makes me a “bad parent” to some people, well then they need to take a look in the mirror and stop being judgmental.
Anyway off that tangent and on to what this entry is really about! Our next destination is Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville North Carolina. We’ll be within four hours (two different directions) from some of my family. And we’ll be reunited with some really good friends of ours that we graduated High school with. I can’t wait to see Charlie and Sarah Auge again and see how their Kayo has grown! Well with only 31 days left on island (One MONTH!! HOLY COW) we’re going to be busy cleaning sorting and last bit of exploring!! Pictures of the ending of our adventure to follow.

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  1. this momma is anxiously awaiting your return to the states!!!!!!!!!