Monday, June 6, 2011

Wake up call!

Update: So the baby showers went great. Baby Richard got completely spoiled :p I am so very grateful for everyone who is celebrating with us our little miracle baby!!

I was talking with my friend Siggie and I explained how the one OB Dr. I saw told me I’d probably never be able to have children on my own and she laughed and said “Your body probably said ‘oh yea watch this’ just to prove him wrong.” Definitely sounds like something I’d do.

The temperature here is getting very humid and hot. Like right now we are supposed to be experiencing a high of 78 degrees... however the temperature outside is 84 degrees with a 75% humidity. If I don’t drink enough water I get very very uncomfortable. And if I don’t drink enough water I start having bad contractions. This brings me to the “wakeup call” we recently had.

Last Wednesday I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions on and off all day, anywhere from an hour to 30 minutes apart. Then it got to the end of the day where I was feeling a little weird but I was taking the kids out to the “bus stop” to be picked up then I’d be able to go home soon. I ended up taking one little girl to a bench to sit and wait for her mommy because her mom was late. I started having a contraction that just seemed to get worse. Richard had been laying side-ways and all of the sudden he moved… into the perfect position for being born. I literally felt him “click” once he got settled like he was locked and loaded for take-off. Then the extremely painful contractions started, they went to 10 minutes apart, and I called Jason when they were 7 minutes apart. I told him “I need you to come here and get me, I’m having contractions at least 7 to 8 minutes apart and they really hurt and I know I need to go to Labor and delivery.” And like any “new” daddy he rushed as fast as he could down the island to come get me. He had me call the people in L&D and explain to them what was going on, by the time I got them on the phone I was having contractions 5 minutes apart. We went in with in the next 15 minutes of me getting off the phone with them and they already had a room ready and waiting for me. The first nurse who started working with me was awesome, and as it turned out also happened to be the OB educator so she sat there and answered all our questions and gave us a crash course of what is going to happen the next time I come in. Which as it turned out I was in labor, I had some contractions that were 3 minutes apart, and Jason said he remembered were reading at a 60 on the contraction counter. They hooked me up to an IV which hurts like all get out, (I’m not looking forward to doing that again) and got some fluids in me, and that managed to stop my labor. During the sonogram the Dr. said that the baby was measuring that he was 5 and a half pounds, which is very large for a then 32 week fetus. I noticed his head looks rather big (like his father’s poor thing :p)But again the Dr. while she seemed very overwhelmed was nice enough to answer our questions and let us know what was going on. According to the test they ran there was a 98% I would NOT be giving birth in the next two weeks, and I heard her say that she gave me four weeks before I was back. Her parting words were “Because of the size of your baby we’re going to have to keep a good eye on you guys from now on to make sure everything is ok.”

I go see a new OB Dr. on Thursday, because the other Dr. I was seeing is PCSing soon and said that it would probably be a good idea if I saw one of the other doctors because he wasn’t planning on taking on very many appointments during the month of June so that he could get ready to leave… Plus there was also a conflict of personalities between us, where I felt I wasn’t being “listened to” very well and that he rushed us throughout appointments rather than showing concern over something other than my weight gain.

So like I said our eyes have been opened, time is getting short. And soon very soon we will officially be a family of three… For the most part the nursery is ready, the pack ‘n’ play has the bassinet in it and is now in the bedroom with us. My bag is for the most part ready to go, and Richard’s diaper bag is packed. I just have to make a list of things for Jason to come back and get once everything is all over and he’s able to get away to get himself cleaned up and changed, and let people know that Baby Richard has been born. I have two more weeks of work, please pray with me that I make it through with no further problems!!!

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