Friday, April 29, 2011

Belly Update.

Today I had my 28 week OBGYN appointment, last week I ended up having a three hour glucose test and had to schedule this appointment a week later to find out what the results were. Luckily I do not have gestational diabetes!!! Plus the last time I had blood work done I was told that I was slightly anemic, this is no longer the case, My Dr. said that everything is looking good!!!
I also realized something today, the Dr. I have been seeing is the “Department Head” of the OBGYN. So I’m thinking if the department head isn’t showing signs of being worried about how I’m doing with my pregnancy then I have no reason to worry, Right? Right!  
While there is a seemingly constant concern with random people about how “big” I am I do have to say that I’m definitely not done yet … I still have my belly button. This picture was taken during week 26 when I was at Girl Scout Camp. Yes you read that right I volunteered for Girl Scout camp. I was not however in charge of any children. I volunteered my “services” as the photographer for multiple reasons. Mainly so they would get pictures and I would get some experience working with my camera more. The week was very busy for me and very exciting, and I did manage to go “swimming” in the pool finally on Thursday which my back and body greatly appreciated! I had a friend take a picture of me in my new maternity swim suit, and I promise to post that once she emails me the picture. However for now I can leave you with this :
I had Jason take a picture of me one morning before work because I realized it has been a while since I had a belly picture taken of me. And yes I understand and realize that I’m “huge” but at the same time I like to remind myself that at least the majority of the 25 pounds I’ve gained so far are all in the belly where little Richard is “baking”, because I still manage to fit into my pre-maternity clothes I just can’t button them because of how low baby likes to sit in my tummy.
Today I also went and got a "packet" that tells us what we need to do to "register" the baby with the US government and get him his very own passport. Its looks like we are going to be paying $205, to get everything done by the people done at the hospital. i figured it would be much much easier to do it that way rather than trying to go to the American Consult and doing it ourselves. I can honestly say I am very glad that we brought our birth certificates and marriage lisence with us because they're going to need them. I just have to hope and pray that once the baby is born we will be able to get right in and make the appoinment to get all of the paper work filed. More on this subject as we deal with it.
I do have some sad news to share. As many of you know I spoil my pets and have a tendency to try new things that are "animal friendly". Thus was the case this past week. I had heard and read a bit about the "Carefresh Bedding" for small animals and how it was supposed to be great for reducing odor and for the animals to be able to burrow in it. So I thought I'd give it a try and put some in Mimi's cage, because well she had a tendancy to stink. I did that on Sunday, Monday I noticed she wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to get her in to see a Vet until Tuesday when she just seemed a lot sicker. Turns out Mimi had eaten some of the bedding, and it had caused a blockage in her stomach which made her very sick. I did everything the vet asked me to. I had this gut feeling that she wasn't going to get better and asked them to please put her down so she didn't suffer, unfortunately the particular clinic doesn't euthanize animals except under special circumstances and this case did not fall under those guide lines. So I had to continue to "force feed" her and give her medicine and hope and pray she got better. Friday afternoon however Mimi's little body couldn't take it anymore, and she died. While some may say my pregnancy hormones lead me to freak out the way I did only those who truly know me (ie my immediate family and husband) understood completely. And Jason came home from work to "take care" of things. While I'm sad I understand what happened and had I done more research on the product I would have never choosen it for the sheer fact that if eaten by a small animal (ie, rabbits, hampster,etc) it would cause a "blockage" in their stomach and make them very sick and possibly kill them. Which in poor Mimi's case it did. We still have Leo, and while he seems slightly lonely he is doing well. Both Jason and I have been making more of an attempt to play with him daily, and make sure we check on him and pet him. And I shall now end my book, and try very hard to remind myself to post again very soon.. probably after I have the two baby showers that are being planned for me :-)

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