Thursday, June 30, 2011

It’s the beginning of the end….

The end of this pregnancy!!! Today I am officially 37 weeks, aka FULL TERM!!!! Jelly bean is getting bigger every day, how do I know this... My stomach has grown to accommodate him and let’s just say it has gotten rather obvious to me at least that the poor thing is rather frustrated with his oh so cramped surroundings. The way I can tell, you know how when you get really frustrated you’ll maybe clench your fists and just shake them (or want to) yea sometimes Richard will be wiggling around and all of the sudden he does that, just shakes. It makes me giggle, but at the same time I feel bad for him.

Our last prenatal appointment was on the 23rd, and at first my new Dr. wasn’t going to check me but I told her about the change in the discharge and I could completely tell that she got one of those feelings that said she better check. So at 35 weeks and 6 days I was 80% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and baby was in the -1 position. I could hear the surprise in her voice when she commented on how “low” the baby was, and the fact that my cervix is behind the baby’s head rather than in front. (This makes for a very difficult time checking to see how the cervix is doing) The one thing that I appreciate the most is she has not gotten after me about my weight gain, each time I’ve seen her she asks how big Jason and I were when we were born and then explains “you are just all belly.” She has also explained that because of how big “daddy” was and is, explains a lot as to why I’ve gained so much weight and why my belly is so big. Then when she squeezes my belly to estimate how big Jelly bean is she always comments on how big he is and that he is “solid”. This last time she did her estimate she said 7 ½ pounds, (which could be a half a pound less or more) and said that if I don’t go into labor within the next couple weeks they were going to have to do something to ensure that baby Richard doesn’t get to big for me. So Jason and I are both guessing that baby Richard will be approx. 8 lbs. (give or take some ounces) and at least 19 to 20 inches long. Chunkier than I was when I was born (6lbs 7 oz. 21 inches) but slightly longer than Jason was when he was born (9lbs 18inches).

We had my maternity photo-shoot done when I was 34 weeks by Hannah Photography. I honestly just wanted to see what he could do with me. We’re still waiting on the photographer to get the pictures all edited. As a result of this photo-shoot I am going to be taking a lesson from the makeup artist to learn how to do my own make up sort of in the way she did it for the shoot. Jason is being very encouraging about it, because he knows I’ll have fun and it will be something that I’ll be able to use for various reasons. (Gotta look good for those MC Balls right :p)

Other than that not much is going on besides trying to evict the small one from my body. I can honestly say that being away from home and halfway around the world from family who would be helping out with things makes this hard. When I’m having false labor contractions I deal with it on my own, rather than having my mother or sister there to reassure me that I’m ok it’s just my body getting ready for what’s to come. I end up having to wait to call them either first thing in the morning or late at night when we’re about ready to go to bed. Which, I still get the same encouragement from them, but it is strained and different because there is only so much one can really do over the phone rather than in person. I try to rely on Jason as much as I can, but at the same time he is being bogged down at work and comes home sometimes not until 8 o’clock and is practically dead on his feet. So I feel bad during the week asking him if he can help me do things like wash the dishes or just the general house cleaning chores. He does it, but the majority of the cleaning gets saved for the weekends.

I guess that’s it for now… Baby Jones Watch 2011 has officially begun!!!

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