Friday, March 11, 2011

Go team blue!!!

Yep thats right.. for those of you who aren't on my facebook and don't know yet.. Jelly Bean is a BOY!!!!

His name will be Richard Everett, and he is expected to arrive sometime around July 22nd. At 20 weeks and 4 days he was already measuring at being 13 oz.
He wiggled around soo much during the ultrasound the poor Ultrasound tech had to go out of order for the pictures that she needed and get what she could when she could. And she commented a couple of times "I can't believe how active your baby is!" She also laughed a couple times saying that he was showing off for mommy.
At one point he was laying sideways, then he moved and was "chilling out" on my bladder. We watched him touch his feet to his head, all folded up like a taco, and cross his ankles. When we got a good view of his face I got the impression that he has his daddy's nose. Jason saw it too when he came in. Also once Jason was in the room the baby started to relax, and we watched him yawn and rub his eyes and settle down.
Needless to say Jason is SUPER excited. Since we started talking about children he always wanted a boy first, and now he has one. I'm happy that my intuition was right because throughout this whole pregnancy I've been saying I thought/felt that the baby was a boy. And I had to laugh, my parents only had girls, and now they're getting all boy grandson's. Heaven help us if our next child is a girl!!

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  1. Yes my dear Grandma and Grandpa are excited too.
    I can't wait until all 3 are in our house together. What fun!!!!! Love you!