Sunday, February 27, 2011

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For the past month and a half I keep thinking to myself “I really need to write a blog…” and then life happens or I get sleepy and the blog entry doesn’t happen. The past couple months have been a whirlwind of experiences. The day I hit the 12th week of my pregnancy I started bleeding. Jason was still in the states for his mother’s funeral and I had just finished my day at work. I was “resting” because I had started spotting earlier in the day and when I stood up to go get myself some dinner I just felt like I just peed myself. So I went to the bathroom… and needless to say I had started bleeding. I quickly changed my clothes and drove myself to the ER in a panic. In the ½ hour it took to get to the ER I had filled one pad, but the bleeding seemed to subside by the time they checked me. I never wish that experience on anyone. Here I was by myself thinking that I was losing my baby, the baby that I had been told wouldn’t happen, right after my mother in law died. As I was running out the door I called the friend who has a key to our apartment and asked her to please come to my house and call Jason to let him know what was going on, that I couldn’t think straight to tell her the number other than to tell her it was on the computer under Grandpa Miller. Thankfully the Dr’s were worried about me having someone with me and when I looked through my phone the because my friend was already busy letting Jason know what was going on the only person I could think of calling was Stephanie, Ryan’s wife, because she is the closest thing to Family that I have out here.
It was determined to be a slight hemorrhage in the placenta, and I was put on bed rest for the next three days. Jason came home on Monday night and Tuesday I was finally able to get in to see a Dr. for the follow up apt where it was again determined that the baby and I were fine. In fact the baby was kicking like crazy and as the Dr. said being difficult (taking after its father already). Jason finally got to see our little jelly bean, and had the same reaction I did, fell in love.
Since then Jelly Bean has grown A LOT, and started poking out making me look very pregnant. I’ve had multiple comments said about how my baby is going to be “big” and am I sure I’m not having twins? You’d think after 3 ultrasounds I’d know if I was having twins, but people still question it. Which is frustrating because it’s just making me feel like I’m getting fat and putting on a ton of weight when I’m still able to fit into numerous pre-pregnancy pants. At my fifteen week appointment my Dr. told me what is probably going to be the best advice I’ll ever get in my life: “Stop listening to people. Every woman develops differently, stop looking stuff up on the internet and stop listening to what people are say to you.” Unfortunately we didn’t get an ultrasound; the Dr. just checked the baby’s heart beat which is at a 150 rate. He seemed very confident that the baby and I were doing fine.
I stopped spotting at week 16, and my Primary Care Manager (aka. A different Dr.) checked me to see how I was doing when I asked about leaking fluids, because my OBGYN Dr. had asked me if I was leaking fluids but I couldn’t tell at the time because I was still spotting. The next day my PCM called me to check on me again and reconfirm that if I ever wonder about the leaking fluids or have any questions to let him know, that phone call brought some tears to my eyes because I really felt like God put me here and had my PCM continually change to end up with this man, and be under the care of these Dr.’s so that my baby and I would be well taken care of. Needless to say I’m not leaking fluids, and the baby is definitely growing and wiggling around in there.
On Valentines day Jason was whining about not being able to feel the baby yet, by then we could get a general idea of where the baby was hanging out. So I had Jason put his hand on my stomach in the area that I was feeling some movement. It felt weird like I was getting tickled from the inside, and after a minute Jason got a huge grin on his face, he had felt some part of the baby rub up against my stomach at the same time I got the biggest “internal tickle”. Since then Jason has had this uncanny ability to reach over and gently tickle my belly right where the baby happens to be, and it always feels like the baby kind of tickles back a little.
Through all of this joyful baby stuff I’ve been dealing with Girl Scout Cookie sales. They are over now thankfully, but if that wasn’t a stressful time I don’t know what is!! My troop all agreed that we want to go camping at Okuma for one weekend towards the end of the year with our cookie money, and later this month we will be having a sleep over at the Girl Scout hut to start preparing us for our weekend. Girl Scout camp is quickly approaching, and I’ve been trying to help with recruiting some ladies to help out as counselors. And other than my escapes to the Ceramics room to “relax” and work on a project, that is pretty much all I’ve been doing. Girl Scouts, work, Dr. Appointments, and spending time with my hubby. Next week we find out what Jelly Bean is, if it’s going to be a Richard Everett or a Lorelai Denise. I can’t wait and we are both super excited!! If only the week would go by a little faster so we could find out. Here is a picture of me from last friday when Jason and I were out walking and playing with my camera.

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