Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It always amazes me just how busy life can get when you don’t realize it. The last full week of June Jason and I went to Okuma to celebrate our third anniversary and to finally have our Honeymoon. We had a blast!! We rented jet skis, kayaks and went on a glass boat tour, plus we hiked to Hiji Falls. Jason had fun trying to “throw” me off the jet skis, however when he first did it he did not anticipate his wife’s death grip on his life vest and he came flying off with me and lost his sunglasses. The second time he knew it was coming, and gracefully came with. Our kayak trip was definitely an adventure. After about two hours of being out on the ocean, the boat itself started taking on water and was sinking. I got so mad because I’m not a good swimmer, and even thou we had life vests on it bothered the crap out of me being out in the ocean where I wouldn’t be able to put my feet on the ground. The lifeguard came out and helped us back on the kayak when it tipped over the first time, but the second time that happened within the next 5 minutes I had him bring me in and he went back to get Jason and then a third trip to get the boat. It took three guys to bring that little two person kayak back to shore where it only took one person to get it down there. Needless to say we came away with some great memories, really nice tans, and some Amazing pictures!
Since we’ve been home I’ve been running around doing errands, and spending time with my friends. I had two photo shoots recently where I took pictures of Ryan’s wife and boys. Ryan is currently deployed and Stephanie wanted to get some pictures that she could send to him and I was more than excited to take those pictures! Then later that afternoon my friend Becky and her family came over to get “studio” pictures. She wanted “sears” like pictures and even thou her daughter decided she didn’t want to get her picture taken after a while we still came away with some good ones.
My friend Sara and I are taking the DSL Photography class that is offered through Crafty Things on Kadena. And during our first class we learned how to “freeze movement” , and I’ll be honest I immediately thought of taking pictures of Ryan’s oldest playing soccer and Sara’s little one running with the “super baby” cape I’m making. The “teacher” also told us how to take awesome firework pictures, and I have to admit I definitely got a couple good ones.
I have been trying to decide if I want to go ahead and take the Wilton Cake decorating class they have here too, but I figured until I’m done working on my ceramics that I started two months ago I ought to wait until I see what I’ll be able to handle after school and Girl scouts start. I have my sinus surgery at the end of this month so the month of August is more than likely going to be completely out for me. So I’m planning on taking it easy and working on planning what I’m going to want to do with my Girl Scout troop over the next year. Right now I have to finish editing Stephanie and Becky’s pictures, before I get to do anything else today :)

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  1. Have I mentioned I am proud of you lately????
    Keep busy and keep on blogging because there are some out there that want to hear about your experiences and how you both are doing! Love you!