Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Rain Rain go away.."

It recently rained for four days straight!! Leaving a rather nice chill to the atmosphere on the island. Its still warm, like low 70's, but it has definitely cooled down a considerable amount. Saturday Jason and I drove up to Okuma, to see where the resort is because Jason booked us a room for a couple days to celebrate our third anniversary. Which I will completely consider the little vacation as being our honeymoon because whats better than being at a resort on a subtropical island!! The trip took about two hours from Foster, and with it raining so hard and the traffic we figured it was pretty good time.
I do have a culture shock story for you.. we recently went to a beach that is near Foster with my cousin Ryan and his family. And while we were there enjoying ourselves a local woman I'm going to say that she is in her late 50s, kind of freaked all of us out a little bit. I was laying reading a book and felt like someone was watching me and I looked up and there this woman was standing behind me staring at me and Jason.. she said something that obviously i didn't understand because it was in Japanese.. but I smiled at her and kind of turned around.. within a couple minutes she noticed Ryan's baby who was sitting in his car seat. With him being blond haired and blue eyed, we really were thinking the worst that she wanted to steal him or something. But still smiled at the lady and just watched her. Eventually she left, but came back and tried talking to Ryan's oldest son who was wrapped up in his beach towel laying down because he just gotten out of the water and was a little cold. After the woman left for the second time we were all talking about it saying, that we really didn't understand what was going on. Someone behind us heard us and told us that the woman was just worried that the babies were going to over-heat. And that she lived near by and takes it upon herself to kind of mother over everyone who visits the beach there. After being told what the woman's intent was, I at least thought it was sweet of her but found it still a little alarming because we were all right there keeping an eye on both of the boys. Shortly after Jason and I left because there was something else we wanted to do, but Ryan's wife Stephanie said that the woman didn't come back, and that she at least didn't notice her again for the other hour that they were still at the beach. Talk about prominent language barrier..

Other than spending time with friends and family there's not much that Jason and I have been doing. I did recently do some sewing to help the guys in my husband's shop. They all received their gear they were to take with them when they got deployed about a week before they were to leave and needed the name tapes sewed on. The seamstress who does the sewing in the barracks said that she couldn't get it done for another week an a half. And Jason being the quick thinker he is was like "hey my wife sews, I'll see if she'll do it for you guys". Jason had me charge them $3 a name tape, and after all of the sewing I did I earned about $300 plus a free Thai massage. One of the guys was given a coupon for a free massage for doing a little personal training, but the ticket said it was for women only. Instead of giving it to his girlfriend he gave it to me for sewing his name tapes on his gear for him.. Needless to say I've spent the money.. on a new lens for my camera as well as a big camera bag that will not only hold my Canon, but my little Fujifilm as well as the different lenses and more stuff if I really want.
This morning I had a interview with the Vice Principal for Zukeran Elementary school, (which is the elementary school that is around the corner) for the position of Educational Aid-Special Ed. The position is to be the teacher aid for the teacher who works with the preschool age children who have moderate disabilities. I was told at the end "We are very impressed with your background and the way the interview has gone. We think that you would be wonderful for the position. If you don't hear from HR by Friday please give us a call. And we are so glad that no one else has hired you yet!" Now it my understanding that what was said were good things to be told at the end of an interview. So now I just wait and hope I get a phone call!!


  1. It is coupin not coupon.

  2. sorry sorry I spelled it wrong..haha.. the guy who gave me the coupon called it a coupin so that is what my anonymous hubby is referring to.

  3. good culture shock story...can't wait to hear you have that job! Proud of you my dear!

  4. Yay, I'm excited for your job, too! I'm glad the lady wasn't trying to steal your friend's baby, but weird, yeah - I would be creeped out, too!