Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello Heat!!

Growing up in PA I don’t think I ever really experienced what a “tropical summer” would be like. Being in North Carolina however, temperatures reached over 120 during the summer and there really was no breeze. I think I prefer Okinawa’s heat thou. Yes it’s really bad and after being outside maybe five minutes you feel like you’ve need to take a shower all over again, but there’s a breeze every now and then that you can feel coming from the north that’s always just slightly cooler than the breeze coming from any other direction. The other good thing is it’s not a shock to one’s system when you step into the ocean. It really feels like bath water, I LOVE IT!!
I’ll be honest and tell you that when I was already working on my tan in March I inwardly giggled. Back home they were still dealing with snow, when the only precipitation I had to worry about was rain! Now that it’s July I look like I’ve been kissed by the sun rather than slapped and assaulted. The last time I was this tan I had to go use a tanning bed and sunless tanning lotion. Now the only thing I need to use is actual sun screen and after sun lotion!! No one is going to be commenting on how pale I look any time soon!!

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