Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sooo our Sponsor "screwed" us...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ok so for the update.... Well we've discovered that our sponsor did absolutely nothing for us. Yes he picked us up at the airport, and yes he got us a mail box address.. however the more we have learned the more we have discovered that he screwed us. Our names never got put on the base housing list, Jason's Staff Sgt. took him over to the housing office and they informed him his name wasn't even on the list. So now we have to wait until next week to have our housing brief and pick out furniture. Our sponsor also didn't sign us up for the Welcome Aboard brief. Which everyone has to go to in order to be able to get their Japanese licence. We also did not know until the welcome aboard brief that we have to take a test (well at least I didn't know because Jason didnt tell me), that we need to re-sign up for tricare our insurance, and that our sponsor was also supposed to assist in picking out housing and picking out our car. Oh and we are not allowed to buy a car until Jason gets his licence, which according to his command he has to do a bunch of community service and stuff, but his Staff Sgt is going to push the command to let Jason get his licence because of the fact that he is here with family and because where we will be living we will have virtually no way to get around. Except by use of taxi's. Add to all this I'm still pretty sick, my sinus's are draining to the point that when I get to talking I cough a lot. And I cough stuff up, which I guess is a good thing but when your meeting new people and trying to sit through briefs its not good. And we can't take me to a Dr to get checked out until Monday after we get signed up for Tricare... Fun wow huh?
On another note things have been going well. I ventured out of our hotel the other day because my glasses decided to unscrew themselves and fall apart in the middle of the night. So I ended up having to get a taxi to take me to Kadena Air Bases BX. (which is like a miniature shopping mall) I was able to get my glasses fixed. However the fun adventure didn't begin until I tried getting back to my hotel. I got a taxi driver that barely spoke any english, and didn't know where my hotel was. He kept saying stuff in Japanese to me, tried to get me to point out where it was on a map that was completely in Japanese and then wanted me to show him where to go which I had NO CLUE!!! I ended up on the "camp" that I needed to be, however I had him drop me off by some barracks and then after stopping someone I ended up walking I'm going to say maybe 3 to 4 miles up hill, making a left and then a series of rights. Luckly I eventually figured out where I was and got back to my hotel room where I immediately drank a bottle of water (cause its still in the 70's over here) and took a bath to wash off all the sweat. I can definitely say that I don't ever want to experience that again! haha.
Today for Thanksgiving we are supposed to be going over to my cousin Ryan's for the day, and I look forward to it. OH i almost forgot, I've noticed that the Japanese are very into Hello Kitty, and Rubber stamping. We got a flyer on a Hello Kitty Bowling ally!! and I saw a store totally dedicated to rubber stamping. I'm thinking I should be able to find something for my mom in that store if I ever manage to get there. Well thats all for now, I need to get back to sleep! My sleeping schedule has been all screwy..


  1. Oh, dear, Erin, you always have such adventures. :) I will be praying that all will get worked out for you - sorry your trip to town was tough - I can't imagine the culture differences!!!

  2. Hey sis i am sorry things aregoing well we love you and miss you ! Xander says Hi Aunt Ernie

  3. Oh Erin, just remember this is an adventure and an opportunity to learn and grow on. So sorry that it has not been easy. Hope you get this comment because my comments don't seem to get to you. Or you don't like them. Anyway, I love you!