Saturday, November 21, 2009

And now the Adventure begins!!!

We started out at 3:30 am on Wednesday morning.. went from Raligh NC to Newark Jersey then to Seattle WA. When it came time to check into our flight for Japan the people kept saying that the family members who were accompaning their spouses to Japan needed to be named in their original orders. When we looked at Jason's my name wasn't seen where it should have been. They tried saying that because we didn't have anything saying that I was supposed to be going with him I couldn't go. Luckly they got their manager to come over, by this time I was in a complete panic almost hyperventaling myself. The manager looked over the orders and in the fine print on the second page he found my name. Leave it to 29 Palms IPAC to mess up. Jason remembers asking "shouldn't my wife's name be on the orders somewhere" and got told "OH no it will be fine." Needless to say it wasn't fine. From there we sat for about three more hours and then got on our plane. There were alot of parents who had children who just kept screaming, and mostly for no reason what so ever. And these parents did everything but spank their children. Needless to say the trip was interesting. We stopped in Anckorage (sp) Alaska and then Yokota Japan. it was three hours to Alaska, 7 and a half hours to Yokota and then another three hours to Kadena okinawa. When we got to Okinawa we were loaded into a little bus and then went through customs. I got my first stamp in my passport!!! It was a lovely 75 degrees when we got to Okinawa, its currently more like 55 or 60 and a little rainy. Then it took forever to get our suitcases. Our sponser did show up and as we were going out the door my cousin Ryan grabbed Jason's Arm. I had sent his wife a message letting her know when we were getting in because we didn't know if our sponser was going to be there or not, so I figured it was better safe than sorry. At the moment we are staying in a hotel suite room in Camp Foster. And Ryan came over and saved us from the bordem of not being able to do anything. Him and Jay just ran and got our new cell phones. Which for the next two years we are completely stuck with them, can't get new ones and we can't upgrade. We are stuck with them. But oh well at least we have phones now!!!


  1. And your mommy will be checking your blog to learn more about your experiences. So keep us posted. Hugs to you both. So glad you are safe and tell Ryan hello for me!

  2. Glad you guys got there okay, even with all the hassles!!!