Monday, October 12, 2009

And the craziness begins..

Friday is my last day working at Walmart. (happy dance) My neighbor is watching Athena.. although we have still to go over some ground rules.. such as don't leave her playing with her rope for more than 5 minutes and if you let her play with it play with her, otherwise she'll have the little strings that make up the rope all over your living room because she's a wiz at knots.. Fun stuff like that. I'm spending the night at a friends house in New Bern friday night and Saturday we have to get up at 4 in the morning and get me to the airport in order to catch a 5:30 am flight to California!!!
Jason is graduating from MOS school next wednesday and thursday we learn the dates of when we are supposed to catch a plane to start the final trip to Japan. We are hoping to be able to go back to PA-NY either Halloween weekend or the weekend after, to take the cars up and to say good bye to family.
Yesterday I experienced my potential first good bye. My best friend Maggie came to spend a day with me, partly cause I was having a going away party for myself to hang out with my friends down here for probably the last time. There are a few girls I'm gonna have to work something out and go see them before i leave but we all still had fun. Anyways, Maggie and I just hung out and enjoyed ourselves then before she left she promised to do everything she could to come and see us (mainly me) on a weekend before we leave. Even though we still might see eachother one more time I still cried after she left.
I'm not looking forward to all the good byes that are going to be happening in the near future. I'll be semi relieved when all this is over.
I have a few things packed.. but the rest of it I figured I aught to just leave for the moving company because they have to inventory everything otherwise it can't be insured. Annd we want thing to be insured!! I guess this is all I've got for an update for now. Hopefully I'll be able to post more updates in the near future.


  1. Wow, this is so exciting, though! I know it will be hard for you, but what an exciting opportunity -and you'll get to be with your hubby!!! Hope we'll see you at church before you go! :)

  2. Honey remember you are not saying GoodBye forever, You will be saying goodbye until we meet again. Focus on this God given opportunity and don't let anyone get you down. Including a weeping mother and father. We love you!