Thursday, October 29, 2009

aaand time gets shorter..

Our time to prepare is getting reeeally short. As for information.. we now know we can no longer keep Athena. Because she is half Rottie and part Pit, which just looking at her you can tell and i know in my heart that even if i were to spend the money on a DNA test to find out what all breeds she is exactly it won't make a difference. So Jason and I have been just cleaning and packing to go home with a dog and all her possessions in tow. There are multiple people back home who want to meet her to decide if they want to take her. So we've got options now, and I know God will allow her to live with the right kind of people.
We went through some of our cupboards last night and he informed me that I have to toss all my spices because TMO (the moving company) won't move any open containers.. of anything. I also have to get rid of my paints, which I am bringing to PA to give to family. I was planning on buying all new un opened stuff and having my mom send it to me once we got our address, but we will see.
I was so stressed out yesterday that when Jason asked me what I wanted for dinner I cried cause I didn't know. We ended up ordering stuff from Pizza hut, which was good so we couldn't complane. We did manage to have fun the past couple days. Tuesday we took the guy who helped me with the Camero last week and his family out to dinner. And we gave their 1 year old baby her birthday present that I got her at the San Diego zoo. It was fun watching the baby pick up the bag her stuffed hippo was in and carry it over to her mother, then when she got the hippo hold it close and "run" away with it as fast as she could. And yesterday Jason taught me how to change the oil in the Camero too.. which he did have to help cause the plug (bolt) and the oil filter were screwed in so tight I couldn't get it undone.. and he had to tighten it up for me too. He put me in a pair of his coveralls from work.. (theres a hole in one of the pockets and a hole down by what would be his ankles and is my feet) and lets just say the crotch goes all the way to two inches above my knees. I looked rather akward to be honest, but at least i had something to wipe my hands on. haha..
Today Jason has already taken Athena to Pet Smart to have a what we call "Puppy Spa day". She gets a special bath and gets her nails trimmed. She loves it, so whoever gets her will have fun taking care of her because Athena just LOVES the attention. Deffinately is a pampered pooch. I have to do the dishes, pick up my last paycheck and deposit it, get a box of heart worm medicine for Athena from the vet, pay the cable bill and set up a day for them to come turn it off, AAANND get my last Japanese Flu shot!! Then about 11 or so we decided that we would start heading out to go to PA/NY, because I have difficulty seeing at night (or in the dark for that matter) we decided we would stop in either Fredricksburg or Breezwood at a animal friendly hotel and stay there the night. So yea I gotta get off the computer and start getting stuff done.

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