Friday, September 11, 2009

Pain in the rear..

So while its getting closer to graduation, the guys who are being sent to Japan are all trying to find out what all they need to do. Which unfortunatly by going to people who they think should know this stuff who in all actuality don't know, they are getting the run around. However because one guy figured out how to find the information out that is needed he has passed along the much needed informaiton as to what and how things should be done. Needless to say Monday I have to go to the Naval Hospital and go see the Deployment Coordinator about my DOD clearences, as well as any and all paperwork that is needed.... THEN we do not find out the exact date for when we leave until THE DAY AFTER he graduates!! Which is when we also have to set up times for the moving companies to come pick up our stuff.
We now know that because of this twisted and messed up system, we will be arriving in Japan before our belongings.. so we need to bring all our clothing, Athena's dog food, our bathroom stuff and his laptop with us when we go. Then everything else will follow..... Talk about frustrating, now we have like no clue when to tell family that we will be home.. Have I meantioned that I hate doing things by the "seat of my pants" and that I like to have somewhat of a plan for how I'm going to do things... GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  1. Ooh, wow, you get to go to Japan with him??? That is amazing!!! I know exactly what you mean about not liking to do things without a plan, we will be praying that everything will work out - and you know what, it always seems to in the end. :) Praying for you - glad I found your blog!!!

  2. ok will try to leave a comment again...Hang in there dear. Sometimes life doesn't go by our plans..We have to be ready for anything and fly by the seat of our pants..Relying on God is what gets us through!!!! See you in a few days.

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry you have to go thru that frustration! Try to look at the end-result: yummy sushi and a cozy house with your little family in a new country! How exciting!