Wednesday, September 2, 2009

more waiting...

I look at the calander and I'm amazed we have less than 18 weeks to go before we are "supposed" to be in Japan. (happy dance) Jason has been doing a really good job with his classes. He is currently second in his "class". And he complains that he has studied more now than he ever has in his entire life. My response.. "poor baby, finally is challenged to use that powerful brain of his." ;-p I usually get some smart comment back after I say that to him.
Also my time at Wal-mart is coming to a end. 7 weeks and counting. Now that I know some dates of when Jason wants me flying to California I figured that I aught to give them a extremely advanced notice, this way it may encourage them into hiring someone for me to train to take over my job.
Athena just had her one year booster. And she weighs 67.4 pounds. (another happy dance) As long as she doesn't gain 12 pounds over the next three months we won't have to pay an excessively large amount of money to get her to Japan. She has recenly discovered how to ask me to go for walks.. she goes over to where I have her harness and leash that we use on walks and bangs it against the wall, then whines. Then when I do take her out she calms down the minute we reach the end of the driveway and she walks perfectly!! The only problem is the silly dog can't seem to walk in a straight line...
My parents should be coming to visit within the next couple weeks. Hopefully I'll have the house looking a bit better than like a tornado went through here.. which is exactly how its looked for about a month and a half now. More news coming soon!!!

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