Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few more changes

Things are still going as planned. Jason is #2 in his class, and working really hard to stay there and pass all his classes. He's told me that the guys who are married think he never talks to me because they are on the phone hours with their wives where as Jason and I are on the phone for 5 to 20 minutes. His only response to them so far has been "she understands".. I just told them to tell them about me finishing college during our first year of marriage.
We do have some news on the Japan thing.. Jason is being attached to a unit at Camp Hansen. And with the new policy of all military needing to be on a base, we are more than likely going to be living at Camp Courtney, because Hansen doesn't have base housing.
I got my passport and passport card, now I'm waiting to hear from Jason about my DOD clearance and what I need to go about vaccines and what not.
Athena is doing ok. I've been filling up the little kiddy pool with water and taking her outside during the day and letting her play in it. We've kept in the back yard mostly cause my neighbor accross the street can't seem to keep an eye on her dog. I say that because the first time I tried taking Athena outside to play while I washed the car, her dog got out and came accross the street. Then after her son came over and got the dog he just let her loose in their yard. Frustrating to say the least, but my neighbor who lives right next to me got after her for me.
Which speaking of my next door neighbor we are going to have a "moving/yard sale" next saturday. I've managed to go through enough stuff that I have a rather decent pile of stuff that we could stand to get rid of. So far its mainly two bags of clothes, shoes, books and VHS movies. I had to make a list of the movies though so we can hopefully replace them with DVD's.. at least the ones that I really like and I have seen in DVD form. Weelp thats all for now! Hopefully I'll have more to update soon.



  2. No not yet. I had a friend tell me to just go to the immunization ward of the Naval Clinic here on base, but I've been trying to wait until Jason told me something.