Friday, July 3, 2009

The Countdown to the rush to Japan begins!!!!

Jason left for school a couple of weeks ago, and he met his coordinator person who is supposed to help set up the flights and what not. One of the first things he told her was "I have a dog, and she's coming with us." haha. Sooo now that we have started out from the get go letting people know that the fur ball is coming I am hoping that everything goes fairly smoothly. Athena is getting reeeally bored. Soo hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to play with her some and give her some extra attention that will help her deal with being cooped up better.
I've started packing up stuff, mainly just winter clothes, and a few little things like all my sewing stuff and my yarns. I've even started to sort through drawers!!! Shocking what you find in those things!! Annd thanks to the wonderful ladies on my Marine Wife support group I've been finding out what I can bring, and how things with the mlitary movers is going to be like. Which I will honestly say that knowing some of this information this far in advance is setting us faar ahead of other people. For example Jason told me tonight that his roommate at school is also being sent to Japan, and he's two months into the classes already so he's half way to the ending point and he still didn't know about what all needed to be done with their Shitzu that they want to bring with them! Thankfully for him Jason let him know that the dog has to go through the quaranteen thing and that he needed to go have a talk with their coordinator.
I did recently purchase a copy of Japanese for dummies.. sooo hopefully I will be making head way with learning how to speak Japanese very soon! give me a couple months and maybe I will be able to speak a whole sentence besides "good morning" , "good afternoon", and "good evening". Welp thats all I have for now, will post with more updates as soon as they happen and I get a chance!


  1. OK, I check your blog all the time, just so I can read your updates as soon as you post them! Ha ha! What a blessing that you were able to get prepared in good time. すべてに頑張ってください (That means "Good luck with everything! Well, at least it's supposed to- thank you, Google Translator) :)

  2. Finally I can read your blogs. It's bringing back memories of my getting ready and going to Okinawa 40 yrs ago this week! I know it will be wonderful Cousin Claudia