Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Passport?? HUH?

Oh the Joys of learning things we need to do/get. Athena needs a special travel crate, and in order for Jason and me to be able to go visit other countries while we are in Japan we both need to get our passports out in town cause while we are eligible for a free passport it only allows us to go to Japan and America. We've found out that we will have three "pick ups" from the military moving companies. The first being what we absolutly need can't live without. While the second being what we would like to have with us and the third and final pick up will be sent to storage. What stinks is we don't get Jason's reenlistment bonus until he is checked into Japan, soo we are going to have to figure something out with selling the vibe cause we are going to have to bite a couple grand to get out from under it. But we've started getting our banks changed to the main Military bank branch that is also located over in Okinawa. We hope to have that all taken care of within the next month.
We found out which "Camp" Base we will be going to. Camp Foster which is more southern Okinawa. Soo while we may need some warm clothes we will mostly be wearing nothing but summer type clothing. Hopefully I really will look like an indian if and when I have to come home to the states. I've started to go through some things, mainly I have a box of stuffed animals and some special figurines I've saved packed that will be going to my parents place to store it so the stuffed animals don't get ruined.
Athena's not liking her quaranteen to much. She's been rather restless and very "vocal" about wanting to go outside just to play. I've been afraid to take her for the walks that she desperately needs cause I dont want to run the chance of her coming into contact with another animal but I'm thinking thats what I'm going to have to do here soon.
Oh and Jason and I have started trying out some Japanese food! We went to the local Japanese steakhouse for his birthday and tried a garlic tuna sushi. It was really good and we both agreed that we will have to try some other types of Sushi now. Well that all of an update tha I have for now.

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