Thursday, June 4, 2009


A couple weeks ago Jason and I got a call from a Master Sgt. telling us that he was going to give Jason orders to be on an accompanied deployment, stationed in Okinawa Japan for three years! My first response is OMG JAPAN!! I won't get to see my mom for three years.. Xander will be 5 by the time we come home... What about Athena? Do we get to take her or do we have to find someone to keep her for three years? Luckily as I started telling people about the possible "duty station" I started to calm down. I had a co-worker/friend tell me "think of it as an adventure" and I had the bible verse from the old testament that says "I have plans for you plans to prosper and not to harm you" pop in to my head. Like God was saying it's OK I have a purpose for you over there.
Then we started researching what we have to do. Athena is allowed to go with us, she just has to be in isolation for 6 months, her rabies shot done with blood work, and obviously shots. Yesterday we managed to get her started on that process to get the isolation time over in Japan lessened.
The only problem now is we are waiting for the official orders. The Master Sgt said he would email them last Wednesday when we just happened to be on Vacation visiting family. Needless to say he didn't do it. So Jason has emailed this guy and his current Master Sgt is on someone elses behind who is supposed to be taking care of this stuff to see that it gets done. Which really needs to get done otherwise Jason would end up going to Iraq with the current squadron rather than going to school and then to Japan.. We are really praying that the latter happens.
I decided that I would Blog about the entire process to getting ready for Japan and the entire experience of "culture shock" that we are obviously going to be going through. This way all Family, and Friends who want to have an update on us and our situation can just check here!
So keep an eye out and I will be updating everytime something new happens.

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