Saturday, August 28, 2010

School is starting!!

Last Wednesday was my first day working at my new job! I'm hearing terms like IEP, and cognitive development being used in context with the kids, and I get all excited because I know what they are talking about; I just haven't heard those words spoken at all since I left Geneva. The first couple days was spent just getting the classroom set up the way the teacher wants it to be. My teacher just arrived on the island the Monday before so she was going through all of the "Welcome to the island" stuff that every one has to go through. So our room really didn't get set up the way she wanted it until Friday, however we did manage to get A Lot of work done. Monday we will be going on home visits to meet the kids who will be in our classroom, and talk with their parents and just see them where they are most comfortable, their natural-home environment. I'm really excited about doing this job, and being able to work with these kids, its definitely a answer to prayers that I was able to find a job that is in the working field that I studied in college.

An update on my surgery recovery, everything is going very well. I'm still a little congested, but as long as I keep up with the sinus rinses I definitely feel much better. According to the Dr. I have healed very nicely. And if I ever have any sinus problems again in the near future I am to give him an email and he will see if he can't put me through as a "walk in".

Girl Scouts will start next month, I still need to get in touch with someone to get help with working on a budget for my troop, but I think that once that I have that done I'll probably "hit" the ground running with that. There will be 9 girls in my troop and so far I have figured out what the first three badges that we will be doing are. The rest I thought I would just let the girls pick out on their own at the first meeting. I just have to start contacting people to see if they would be willing to come and talk to the girls about the specific things that are required for the different badges.

Hopefully I won't go multiple weeks again without posting something, but I'm sure you all understand that life can get pretty busy when we least expect it :)

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