Monday, August 30, 2010

The First day of School...

For most was today. "My" students won't be starting until Wednesday. However today was the first day that I was in charge of "Recess". The First Grade session was ok, the only real problem we had was a few of the kids (mainly the girls) were climbing on the wire fencing around the soccor field. The second graders however... The first thing I personally had to deal with was a little girl who became very overwhelmed because she didn't know what was going on. She had only been on the island for one month, and she hadn't made any friends yet. I was trying to let her know that everything would be ok and that she would for sure be picked up from Recess by her teacher, and the poor thing finally burst out that she wanted her mommy and started crying. Thankfully I had my sunglasses on so no one was able to see that I was fighting back tears of my own. My heart just broke for her, thankfully I managed to keep the tears at bay. And next I had a little boy tell on another little boy for hitting his friend in the head with the basketball. Which after making him realize that he would feel bad if someone hit him in the head for annoying them that he probably made the other child feel bad, and to next time just tell them to "leave me alone", and if they didn't stop bothering him to come get an adult. Next was a little boy who'se friends were getting "beat up" by a group of girls. Alls it was the girls all like the one boy and think he's cuite so they were bugging him.. however again the same method of "if after telling them to leave you alone they still don't, either come get an adult or take them all to the adult." HAHA I walked away from today thinking "I finally know how all of the Teacher Assistants at my school felt!!"

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