Sunday, September 4, 2011

One month !!!

I can't believe how time is moving so fast. My sweet little baby is one month old already!! Our little Jelly Bean is turning into such a little sweetheart. In the morning he loves to snuggle after he has his "breakfast", but then he is happiest when he's snuggling with me anyways. He snorts like a little pig when he's eating. I laugh every time because its so silly and cute. We are starting to work on learning that "I don't need mommy to hold me while I go to sleep".. So far I think its going pretty good, because he's been going down for naps by himself better. As long as he has his Bink he's happy. When ever we leave the house at first he screams at me for putting him in his car seat, but then after a couple minutes of "moving" to get to the van he calms down and will eventually fall asleep. Then he stays asleep for anywhere between 3 and 4 hours. Once in a while he'll be out for 5 hours but I try not to let that happen to often.
I am so glad that he sleeps while we're out.. mainly because that means his pretty blue jean colored eyes are shut. Reason why, the Japanese LOVE blue eyed babies. They will get in children's faces to see if they have blue eyes if its not obvious. I've even seen them come up to blond haired blue eyed babies and kiss them on the mouth without first speaking to the parents. I know it bothered that babies mother, heck it made me uncomfortable and I was just meeting the girl for the first time!! Because the light colored hair and blue eyes is so uncommon for the Japanese to "see" they love seeing babies with any "not dark" haired baby or a baby with eyes that aren't brown. (Robin be glad you cant' come out here with both your boys.. Xander would probably get completely freaked out by the attention he would get with his pretty eyes.)
I know that eventually I'll have to deal with locals getting in his face to see what color his eyes are. And more than likely I'll have them ask to take pictures with him (so they have proof they were with a blue eyed baby). I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous about it.. but I know that when the time comes and we have to deal with it, I'll handle it somehow. In the meantime I'll be flooding Facebook with pictures of our little man, so his daddy can "watch" him grow from afar. Thankfully soon he'll be home from this training deployment he's on. But once he goes to Afghanistan there should at least be one picture posted a day, so Jason can see how Richard is spending his days :)

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  1. He is so cute! Wow, I never thought about the blue eyes thing in Japan - glad I don't have to deal with that - with my kids' white blond hair, I get a lot of comments but thankfully nothing weird like people kissing them!!! I'm glad he's a pretty happy baby & going down for naps well without you holding him - Davey isn't good at napping unless he's in his swing, it's so amazing how different each baby is! :) Praying for you & hope the next bit of time till Jason gets back goes quickly for you!!