Saturday, February 20, 2010

We have pets now!!!

After much deliberating I finally talked Jason into letting me get a bunny. We found one at a pet store out on the island but when adding up the cost of getting a new bunny and all the stuff that would be required to take care of the bunny Jason had me look on Okinawa Yard Sales to see if I could find one there. Not only did I find one but I found two who needed a new home because their original owners had a baby, and have the long voyage back to the states in their future. So they wanted their little furbabies to go to a good home. We went and met the bunnies, and agreed to buy them. Yesterday we brought them home and let them get used to their room.
Meet Mimi Bunny
and this is Leo Bunny
And this is how we set up their pen in the "empty" room
So far they've had fun exploring the one room. Whenever they get startled they "run for cover" in to their cage. Its kinda funny to watch.
On to other news... We don' t really have anything new going on besides getting the bunnies at the moment. Jason is busy at work, and is constantly getting "new jobs" handed to him that he says is making his "Fit Rep" look AMAZING!! Which when its time for him to hand in his promotion packet he's really hoping that he'll get at least put on the list of all the Sgt's in the Marine Corps who will be promoted to Staff Sgt.
I recently signed up to take some classes through the Marine Corps Community Services. One is a Federal Government Application, another is on how to write your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for your FGA, and the last class I'll be taking next month is on Interviewing. Hopefully after taking these classes I'll be able to start applying for a job, and hopefully will be able to get one in my field!!! Well thats all for now.

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