Thursday, January 7, 2010

No Changes....

Sorry I haven't updated anything in a while. I really haven't had anything to post about. I finally have my area clearance but we are still in a hotel. Because military housing is run by the airforce they don't have very good inter-branch customer service. Because we don't have any kids we only rate a two bedroom home. Unfortunately there are NO two bedroom places available on any of the northern bases. Jason is stationed (works) at Hansen which is one of the most northern bases. So we are on a "waiting" list and are being told that even thou we've been on the island since November that it could still be another month before we get into housing. If I explain anymore about our situation it would just be a lot of complaining about how this "situation" is. And well no one wants to read that.
I finally got in to see a Dr, and have been given the OK to go off my birthcontrol. And we both were able to finally pick up two cars that we are financing until the car back in the states is sold. Jason got a Nissan Liberty, and I got a Toyota FunCargo. They are both really nice cars, and I'm relieved to finally have them. NO MORE CRAZY TAXI TRIPS!!!! I'm waiting to post pictures until after I'm able to get pictures of both of the cars, which won't be until this weekend.. sooo until tata for now!!


  1. Going off of your birth control??? So are you guys 'trying' now??? Oh, my goodness, that is so exciting!!! :)

  2. We just aren't "trying to prevent" if it happens it happens.

  3. thanks for the update! have been wondering about you :)